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Will playing catch up. Having been heavily into sports while younger, multiple injuries and operations had left a great number of excuses not to do this challenge. The thought of not doing it over rode everything. Now a Director of a mobile technology company based in Lancashire (along way from Sahara acclimatisation training!) the focus is on raising money for some great causes and simply giving back after so many years of watching others put in there hard yards. 


Adam is a Vicar in the East End of London, connecting with the three main people groups in his parish: the really poor, really cool and really Muslim - where his beard helps reach across all those divisions. His interests include helping young people gain and keep employment and is Chair of a charity, Spear Bethnal Green, which helps so that.  The exercise is needed as he's now 50, but if it can do good as well...


Marcus is the baby of the bunch at 45 years young. He’s completed numerous triathlons and half marathons and will also be taking on Hadrian’s Wall in June a mere 100km in 24 hours is the plan. Working in the classic car community as marketing director of Hagerty the UKs leading insurance specialist for classic cars. His progress will be keen watched by the rest of Team Atkins not least Harry aged 10 and Archie aged 13.

what WE DOING?

The UNESCO World Heritage Draa Valley provides a dramatic backdrop for our Saharan Challenge - 2 marathon distances in 2 days across endless sand dunes and rocky trails.

One marathon would be a challenge to someone who has never done one before let alone in the desert. 2 in 2 days. Now that's a challenge.

Family has always meant a huge amount to us as brothers, and as we approach the half way point of 50 (in Adam's case very slightly over it) we wanted to have a challenge that test us as people not just in endurance but also in raising awareness and funds for some great causes. 

On 11th October we will join a small group of other slightly bonkers people to take on the Sahara and in doing so we hope to make a difference to many peoples lives but this is where we want our supporters to help....as your reading this. That's YOU. Please read on. Spread the word, and enjoy our blogs. 


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We are self funding this trip so all donations go directly to charity. We want to raise £21,000 for our 3 main Charities, and then a further £6000 for our other local a charities. Our campaign manager, Chris Atkinson (leader of the clan) has been fund raising for multiple organisations in the past including the Brian Johnson Memorial Trust to the Stowe School Appeal. As he said "this campaign takes on real meaning and significance. Its a band a brothers, a family, aiming to make a difference to other families. It wont be repeated so the heat is on and not just in the desert".

Please spread the word and forward the link to this page to anyone and everyone. 

www.theatkos.com "1 Desert, 2 Marathons, 3 Brothers".

Please consider a corporate sponsorship at 25p/meter. 2000 Meters = £500

We need to raise funding for 84,328 meters. Every meter counts. 


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THANKS.... / closing words