52 days and reaching barriers

It’s a hard one to put in write Wrighting. Pain. It’s sll relative. There are so many things in the world that outweighs any moaning comment of pain but I guess we all live in bubbles. I can only recant those in mine. To me they are real, they cause enough of an issue I put pen to paper as a head line.

lets also not these are not so much barriers to completion but those to maximising training.

The ligaments at the front of my right knee, the Medial ligament right knee, and cruciate ligament left knee aren’t happy on day 2. In fact I think it’s fair to say they are doing a great impression of children refusing to go for a run. Pain on miles 1-3 no issue. Mikes 4-8 pain is creative, Miles 9+. The pain is a dull throbbing. 

If you ever needed a reminder we are doing the hard yards talk to my knees!!  

Any advise gratefully received. Sprintnw@gmail.com.  

some idea of this last week or so’s training venues. Nothing flat up here!!! 


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Thank you

To all those who have already supported us and our Charities. Thank you. Your donations really do continue to drive us in our training. 

I must admit when this was conceived back in Dec 2017 I didn’t really appreciate how much of a mountain it would be to climb. Well I think I did But that’s exactly why I hadn’t done it before now. I knew it would be tough. Really tough.  

Starting from a stand still of no discernible exercise for over 5 years every day was an improvement on the one before.  

Min January it was literally 15 minutes walking or riding. Small steps every day and now we are doing 16-26 miles each weekend. The weeks targets are now 40 miles on the bike, and 25 on the feet with at least one session of 10+ miles. We will make it and we will raise as much as we can for the charities we are supporting. Thanks entirely to you our supporters. Thank you

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How things have changed

From the permafrost of Jan / Feb we take a giant leap forward to June and temperatures now up at 26c from the low point of -2 in Jan

Training moving on and miles under the belt. Knees feeling it a little so a lot of mixed training. Trying to get 60 miles q week on the bike, 500m swimming (yep don’t enjoy that much) and 20 miles on the feet. 

Looking back to Jan I couldn’t have dreamt of being able to actually run 9/10 miles but it happens. The bike is a revolution. Helps cardio no end. The hills up here are a real tester so if it looks like it’s just 15/20 miles then you have to consider the vertical climbs over the Pennines which at times are more like the Pyrenees! 

latest video blog and a couple of others to keep you amused. 

climate training Lancashire style

canal training

any one watching these videos? 

March in the Lake District. Wasn’t that long ago. How things have changed! Volume poor but images speak for themselves!! 



Tough Mudder - London West April 2018

So, last weekend Adam and Marcus undertook the Tough Mudder.  This is a 10 mile run through woodland and tackling a total of 20 obstacles on route.  Supported by Adam's daughter, Ellie, the lads nailed it in the wind, rain and cold.  The obstacles including such delights as the HERO WALL, the BLOCK NESS MONSTER and the ARTIC ENEMA to name just a few.  These involved the team scaling 12 foot walls, climbing over rolling objects half submerged in cold, muddy water and being dunked into a skip full of ice cubes.  However, the course was a tough run, with the majority of the miles being done in testing conditons.  There was very little grip, mud everywhere and a very crowded course.  That said, it was completed in 2.5 hours and the guys and gal did well to get round in a decent time.  

Atkos-Tough Mudder LW 2018

A bit of Welsh hill training - the downhill part

A couple of weeks ago I was in Wales on a ‘retreat’ which allowed me out and about the wonderful hills of the Clwyd Valley, part of the inspiration for Gerard Manley Hopkins. Not sure he had the Sahara Marathon or Tough Mudder as much in mind as I did - keen to catch up with the training being put in by my brothers. Even so the downhill especially is exhilarating!

Tough Mudder report to follow! Adam