Tough Mudder - London West April 2018

So, last weekend Adam and Marcus undertook the Tough Mudder.  This is a 10 mile run through woodland and tackling a total of 20 obstacles on route.  Supported by Adam's daughter, Ellie, the lads nailed it in the wind, rain and cold.  The obstacles including such delights as the HERO WALL, the BLOCK NESS MONSTER and the ARTIC ENEMA to name just a few.  These involved the team scaling 12 foot walls, climbing over rolling objects half submerged in cold, muddy water and being dunked into a skip full of ice cubes.  However, the course was a tough run, with the majority of the miles being done in testing conditons.  There was very little grip, mud everywhere and a very crowded course.  That said, it was completed in 2.5 hours and the guys and gal did well to get round in a decent time.  

Atkos-Tough Mudder LW 2018