Pilgrims Cross

your heart rate is up over 92bpm, your legs are starting to let you know they are doing most of the work, wind chill is lapping your face. We had it easy!!

The Pilgrims in 1157AD used to come over the West Pennine moors on their way to Whalley Abbey. Not only did they take the most barren, boggy, and windy route they stopped and built a monument!  

Love what you find when your out training.  

Those Pilgrims had it hard!  

Old man Coniston

Quite a day on the beautiful but extremely cold hills of the Lakes. What is no more than 8 miles on a day like today felt like 16 miles. With windchill it was below -10. Winds were up at 40mph gusting to 60mph on the tops. But what fun. True adventure and wouldn’t have been doing it if the Challenge hadn’t been thrown down. Thanks to Simon for inviting me. This is a must for anyone. 


11th March - miles under the belt

A weekend of two halves. Saturday was one of the wettest days of the year. The moors has turned into a giant sponge and today they were seeping from ever creek, and crack. Lots of fun puddle jumping/swimming!



Training progressing in small steps but I guess a lot of small steps gets you 24 miles!! Left knee seems to last 6km jogging then it’s all over but can happily walk! Very strange. Any ideas on how to solve this problem gray fully received!