How things have changed

From the permafrost of Jan / Feb we take a giant leap forward to June and temperatures now up at 26c from the low point of -2 in Jan

Training moving on and miles under the belt. Knees feeling it a little so a lot of mixed training. Trying to get 60 miles q week on the bike, 500m swimming (yep don’t enjoy that much) and 20 miles on the feet. 

Looking back to Jan I couldn’t have dreamt of being able to actually run 9/10 miles but it happens. The bike is a revolution. Helps cardio no end. The hills up here are a real tester so if it looks like it’s just 15/20 miles then you have to consider the vertical climbs over the Pennines which at times are more like the Pyrenees! 

latest video blog and a couple of others to keep you amused. 

climate training Lancashire style

canal training

any one watching these videos? 

March in the Lake District. Wasn’t that long ago. How things have changed! Volume poor but images speak for themselves!!