Thank you

To all those who have already supported us and our Charities. Thank you. Your donations really do continue to drive us in our training. 

I must admit when this was conceived back in Dec 2017 I didn’t really appreciate how much of a mountain it would be to climb. Well I think I did But that’s exactly why I hadn’t done it before now. I knew it would be tough. Really tough.  

Starting from a stand still of no discernible exercise for over 5 years every day was an improvement on the one before.  

Min January it was literally 15 minutes walking or riding. Small steps every day and now we are doing 16-26 miles each weekend. The weeks targets are now 40 miles on the bike, and 25 on the feet with at least one session of 10+ miles. We will make it and we will raise as much as we can for the charities we are supporting. Thanks entirely to you our supporters. Thank you

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